Puka Shell Anklet

Puka Shell Anklet

Authentic Hawaiian Puka shell anklet. Fully adjustable. Slide the bead to adjust the fit. Perfect for wearing all day as you can loosen the fit should your ankle swell during the day.


Puka is the Hawaiian word for "hole" and refers to the naturally occurring hole in the middle of these rounded and worn shell fragments.


The shell part of a cone-shaped snail shell. When the empty shell is tossed by the waves in the breaking surf and over coral rubble, the top of the shell breaks off or is gradually ground off, leaving the solid top of the shell intact.


It can take up to one hundred years for the tip of the cone shell to break off, wear down and form a natural hole from one side to the other. This shell fragment creates a natural bead, known in Hawaii as a "puka".